Camera 101 Lessons

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You’ve got a fancy camera, but how do you use it?

You can always read the manual in your spare time and try to decipher the buttons and menus on your own (yuck!), OR you can do it the fun way and bring your spouse or a friend to join me for a 2 hour, hands-on private lesson! {This lesson is best suited for adults at the beginner or hobbyist photographer level.}

We are ALL photographers! You will instantly improve your everyday pictures with an overview of the functions of your camera (in non-technical terms) and a discussion on the fundamentals of photography.  You will never regret learning how to use your camera!


Unique curriculum tailored to you

I have created a unique curriculum that gives you the basics during the lesson, then sends you off with exercises to practice at home and resources for further learning. You will also have an opportunity to get answers to specific questions that are top of mind for you.

Tired of blurry sports pics of your kids?  Want to achieve a soft background behind your subject?  Looking to move beyond “automatic” mode on your camera?  These are just a few of the concepts we will discuss during our time together.   The curriculum includes: Hands on DSLR camera instruction, with an overview of camera modes/buttons and an introduction to Photography including Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO basics.

Relaxed teaching style

We will plan a date/time that fits in your schedule! Meet me at a coffee shop, grab a beverage and a snack, and let’s get to work!  Photography is fun and our lesson will be too. I have an easy-going, approachable teaching style that will keep you comfortable and engaged.


What others are saying about this lesson

“Holly’s teaching style is friendly, simple and efficient. She provided me with a take-away booklet to use as a “cheat-sheet” when I start applying my new skills. The session was well-paced, informative, and most importantly – fun!” ~ Emily Metz

“Holly’s private lesson was a game-changer for my personal photography abilities! She broke down the basics into bite-size chunks which made the big concepts much easier to digest and understand! The packet of info she gave us was thorough and organized and later served as an excellent ‘cheat sheet.’ I referenced it while out shooting my own family vacation photos the following week. Everything she taught us was able to be applied immediately and dramatically improved the quality of my photographs. I am now much more confident with my camera, I know what those buttons and numbers mean, and am able to capture beautiful photos as a result!”  – Katie McHugh

“I was one of those people who had a really nice camera but had no idea what to do with it!  Holly had the knowledge to teach me the “ins and outs” of my DSLR camera. She was very adept at helping me maneuver through my settings and teaching me photography 101. I applied what I learned on my vacation, and by making her suggested adjustments to the settings on my camera, both my indoor and outdoor photos were greatly improved!   Holly was very thorough and patient and welcomed all questions. I would refer any friend to her class, knowing that they would not only find the time worthwhile, but also enjoy learning.”  – Jennifer Runte


How to book a lesson (For yourself or as a gift)

Please be in touch so I can answer any questions and get you on the calendar!  If this is a gift (they will love it!), I can send you a PDF gift certificate that you may print & wrap.

This lesson is $199 and I accept cash, check and all major credit cards. Upfront payment in full is preferred, but a deposit of $75, to hold your date/time, with the remainder paid at the time of the lesson is great too.  Lessons take place during the months of January to July and spots are limited.

To Book: 312.401.5850 | | Facebook


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